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The Team: Software Engineering

We're growing and we're glad to welcome Bukunmi our remote "MacGyver" Software Dev in the jobNinja Team!
The Team: Software Engineering

We're glad to welcome a young talented software engineer from Nigeria: Oyelekan Bukunmi. Like Bukunmi, many coworkers here at JobNinja come from foreign countries and that’s why we communicate in English, to include everyone.

JobNinja: Hello Bukunmi, can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

My name is Oyelekan Bukunmi and I’m from Nigeria. I’m an innovative Software Engineer and I’m passionate about helping shape the future of technology. Besides that, I also love surfing on the internet and listening to music. I also enjoy eating, programming and learning new things.

JobNinja: What did you study/what's your background?

I studied Computer Engineering at Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun, Nigeria. I also studied Software Engineering at NIIT in Lagos, Nigeria.

I’m a highly-qualified software engineer, I specialise in in Backend Development with Python Flask and Frontend Development with Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and other web development skills.

In the past, I have had experience working as a Web Developer and Developer Intern for 3 different IT companies. I am proud to say these companies were very satisfied with my work as they all left me positive and encouraging reviews. During these past work experiences, I was able to gather a lot of practical knowledge about industry-standard coding, managing and scaling applications for customer use.

JobNinja: How did you discover JobNinja?

Before coming across JobNinja’s ad for a full stack developer, I had been looking for a job opportunity as a flask developer for a while. Finding such a job turned out to be quite challenging; where I’m from, opportunities for these types of jobs are not common.

I discovered JobNinja on Linkedin. I had applied to many jobs apart from JobNinja. I was quite optimistic about getting a positive response from at least one of these companies and I am very glad JobNinja got back to me .

After getting an opportunity, I gave it my all to produce my best work. I put all my skills and knowledge in the task I was assigned with. As I got your positive feedback about my performance/work, was glad it had worked out and happy to be able to join the JobNinja team.

JobNinja: What are you doing at JobNinja?

Working as a Software Engineerer at JobNinja, I work on the front-end and back-end of JobNinja's software. Additionally, I’m helping to build new modern features and scaling existing ones, to make JobNinja a better experience for customers; “You need to be the MacGyver of Jobninja” in the CTO’s words. :)

JobNinja: What is cool @ JobNinja?

I think what makes JobNinja a pleasant company to work at is the cool and friendly way of dealing with the colleagues. On top of that, JobNinja allowed me to be very flexible and I got many opportunities to show my programming skills, which I very much appreciate.

**JobNinja: Would you recommend to work for JobNinja?

Definitely. I would recommend it a 100%.